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God is so amazing.

A few of my devotions this week have been about giving and sharing with others.   Our sermon on Sunday was about giving and sharing our resources.   The pastor asked if we are giving all we can in every way.  Not just our funds but are we using our time, talents and resources in good ways.   On the way home, as I was pondering if we are using our resources to God’s full advantage, my husband asked me the same question.   I told him I thought we were and he agreed.   We foster, we make meals for people, we purchase needed items for former foster children who can’t afford them and we sponsor a child from world vision.  We babysit for so many kids that we almost always have an extra child or two at home, our home is open to anyone who needs a rest, a meal or a few weeks stay.   We have given money to many causes and friends in need.  We were satisfied that we are sharing all we have.

This week a friend we had helped in the past paid us back the money we had given unexpectedly.   Oh, what shall we do with the unexpected funds?   A trip was the first thing that was on my mind.   A few girl friends have been asking to go away.  Perfect timing for that money to come. God is good but do you have the funny feeling that He has other plans for those funds?

Fast forward five hours…..

A call came in from a family member in need of funds for a project that God is blessing in a third world country.  Could we help make it happen?

When you can recognize the ways God is using you for His plans it is very humbling experience.   When our eyes are open to His leading we can see more of what He is asking of us.   When we are faithful and spend time reading His words that were written so long ago and yet are still so relevant, He blesses us.   The sermon always gets me because so many people say that the sermon was speaking right to them.  How is it that one message can speak directly to so many?   God can do that.   He can do anything.   He can make an impossible situation a reality.

God is funny.   He loves to laugh.   I know because I love to laugh, we all do, and it says in the Bible that He created us in His image so of course laughter comes from Him.  It is such a God thing to orchestrate all that.   Would we have been so willing to immediately share what we just received had He not been preparing us for that all week?  As soon as my husband told me the need we both laughed as it was a request for the exact amount that we had just received back.  I am quite sure that if we ever see this money come back to us, it will once again be sent on another mission.   That’s okay!   Our money is not to be hoarded away until we die.   There are so many people who need it more than we do.   If you own a nice cell phone then you’re not one of the people who I’m talking about.   There are people who don’t have any water, shelter, food.  People all over the world and in our own backyards who are destitute, living with no hope, dying.   Those are the people that need it more than we do.

I hope that this post is a catalyst just like that sermon that God uses to prompt you to share whatever God is calling you to share.  Your time, your money, your resources, your home, your ear (for listening!), your food, your talents.   Whatever you feel God nudging you to share, do it!   Don’t be frugal with sharing or others might be frugal in sharing with you when you need something!




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