The Past is a Dangerous Place

True or False? The theme has been so strong in my day that I have to write for both sides of this statement....for and against. I'll start with False. This morning our church hosted "A Taste of Heaven" celebration. The service was full of the rich languages and cultures represented in our community. The same... Continue Reading →

Not Invited To The Party

As I write this I am sitting in a chair beside my daughter, age 9, who is laying in her hospital bed. She asked me yesterday, “Mom, I am going to be here more and more as my cough gets worse and I get older aren’t I?”   She understands her reality without anyone telling her.... Continue Reading →

Miracles From Heaven

Copyright: I'm sure the photo I chose has a copy right for the book/movie but I'll use it for now and say that I haven't seen that movie yet but I will look for it and read/watch it. I chose it because it's the exact title of my story today. Today at church, our pastor... Continue Reading →

Save $ Menu Planning

Have you seen the photos of empty grocery store shelves that are littering the internet? Today, on CBC radio, they stated that grocery costs have gone up 5.6% in Canada last month and they forecast even higher increases in the months to come. All this discussion and panic over food made me want to share... Continue Reading →

They Are Not Ours

Photo by Pixabay on I was so excited for my daughter to move out East for her first year of university. I wasn't scared because I knew I had prepared her well for the world and she was turning out great. Today I know that many mothers are not okay. First day back to... Continue Reading →

Gone Hiking

I'm sure some of you wondered why I haven't written in over a year. Covid has done strange things to our way of life. When the world shut down, we went hiking! Because we have two medically fragile children, we knew we could not sit at home for a year. We had to be outdoors... Continue Reading →

How to River Float on the Grand River

People are looking for fun ways to explore and spend time outdoors this summer that can still be social distanced from others.   Tubing is a perfect family outing.   This post will include everything you need to know about tubing and also tips and a map for tubing down the Grand River in Paris and Brantford,... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Gluten Free

I have been eating gluten free for 7 years now. I get asked a lot of questions and I’ve helped many GF newbies to find the good stuff. Everyone who eats gluten free knows what I mean. There are quite a few products which either taste like rice or like sand. Many gf products are... Continue Reading →

You really want to know what it takes to say goodbye?

Another goodbye.  Our little Math Boy who has lived with us since January is moving out tomorrow to live with kin.  These are the days that most people would say are the main reason why they wouldn't consider fostering. Moving a child out who has lived with you even for a month is hard.   I'm... Continue Reading →

The Other Side of Isolation

Our children are loving this time.   They have their parents full attention.   We have nothing on the calendar except playtime; all day, everyday.   We play all kinds of  board games, we do crafts, we've gone on many hikes, we play in the backyard.  We are building them a new playset.  They are having the best... Continue Reading →

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