Miracles From Heaven

Copyright: I’m sure the photo I chose has a copy right for the book/movie but I’ll use it for now and say that I haven’t seen that movie yet but I will look for it and read/watch it. I chose it because it’s the exact title of my story today.

Today at church, our pastor was preaching on miracles. He spoke about all the miracles that Jesus did. Next week, we will listen to Cal Bombay, from Bombay Ministries, talk about his many experiences with miracles while serving in third world countries. We hear of so many absolute, undisputable miracles there. People who are miraculously healed of leprosy or blindness or cancer. I know that many people say that we, here in North America, don’t see that kind of miracle happening regularly and I’m sure some people doubt that there are miracles happening at all.

I would like to challenge that thought and be daring enough to say that God is still performing miracles all the time but our Western culture tends to try and talk it away as some sort of chance happening.

I know that I have witnessed many miracles in my 40 years so I want to spend a few moments writing them down. Now, everyone who knows me knows I tend to exaggerate just a teensy bit so I’m going to make a point of not exaggerating these first hand accounts so you can see just how amazing these events were.

Miracle 1. Our First House. My first story may not be super miraculous, like falling down healed or anything, but I knew that God had stepped in and did His magic. Our first house purchase was a big deal. As a young couple, we didn’t have a lot of money but had a down payment of $20,000. That was enough back then! The house was selling for $140,000. That was a really good price but we were looking to spend around $120k. We had been to many showings and none of them seemed to work for our growing family. We decided to put in an offer of $120. That’s $20 thousand less than asking. $140 was a very reasonable price to ask at the time. Our realtor told us there’s no way the seller would accept. We prayed that if this house was meant to be ours that the seller would accept our lowball offer and if not, then we should keep looking. When our surprised real estate agent called us to tell us the good news, we knew that God had intervened and helped us be exactly where He needed us for the next 5 years.

Miracle 2. Let’s call her Angel. I worked at a Pregnancy Centre for many years helping pregnant women, moms and couples considering their options. One client I had worked with for a few months came into my office bawling and told me that the doctors at the Children’s Hospital had confirmed what her initial ultrasound had said which was that her baby had heart defects and would not live once born. We sent our the prayer request on the prayer chain and boldly asked God to heal her baby’s heart. Angel came to know God through this experience which was quite the miracle in itself as she was a wiccan. She was prodded to abort the baby by a few doctors. She considered it but decided to let nature run it’s course and deal with the death of her baby when the time came naturally against the doctor’s opinion that it would be less traumatic for her if taken care of at the time. After a few months, Angel was born.


No heart defects to be found.


Miracle 3. Let’s call her Sweetness. This is the yet another miracle that happened while I was working at a Pregnancy Centre. Sweetness came to my office completely horrified that she was pregnant at 35. She had a few older children in their teens and was not in a place where she wanted another baby. She decided to keep the pregnancy and had a gorgeous baby girl and had her tubes tied after delivery to prevent such silly things from happening. She was the sweetest little baby. Four months later she passed away in her sleep leaving her mother and family devastated. During this time, Sweetness gave all her grief to God and walked through the valley with Him. She knew she could never replace her sweet angel but prayed that somehow God would heal her heart. Sweetness knew that she couldn’t have any more children but she kept praying for a miracle and a few months later, she was in my office and she was telling me she was going to set up an appointment to see about getting her tubes reattached. She was also telling me how crappy she had been feeling. God prompted me to ask her to take a pregnancy test. She said there’s no way she could be pregnant but she agreed to take it anyways. Sure enough she was pregnant. A few months later another girl was born. She has an amazing naming story about how God told her exactly what to name her baby but due to the unique nature and confidentiality I can’t share that but I’ve got goosebumps remembering it so you’ll just have to trust me that God’s miracle was abundantly clear.

Miracle 4. A well timed cheque. This is my most recent miracle. We have two tuitions that we pay for our kids. One for Montessori and one for a private Christian school for our kids. When one of our daughters was struggling in her public highschool my husband and I both felt on the same day, that we needed to transfer her to the private Christian highschool so she could get more love and support to make it through highschool well. We had no idea how we would pay for a third tuition but neither of us were too worried as we had experienced so many times before that God would provide. We knew that God had told us both at the same time and that He would figure it out. The day we were to write the cheque, we got the almost the same, crazy large number of money deposited into our account. It was money owed to us that we didn’t even know about due to an accounting error. Miracle.

Now, I had heard sooooo many of these stories about money from people before but was very skeptical that anything like that could ever happen. Ironically, I have full faith that God can and has moved mountains, cured people on the spot from disease, and made lame men walk but this was a miracle I just didn’t ever think would happen to us. I had heard of people receiving envelopes of money at the exact moment not a minute before they needed it. I always thought, “How nice for them but no one is going to drop us money.” Also, funny enough, we have been the ones to hear God’s prompting and deliver an envelope with money to someone we felt maybe didn’t even need it but God had put it in our heart so we obeyed. Never in a million years (there’s the exaggeration creeping in!) would I have thought that an insane amount of money would be delivered to us at the exact moment (not a minute before) when it was needed. Miracle.

Now that I’ve started to think about the miracles I’ve been witness to, I am remembering more and more of them but these definitely stand out as some of the bigger ones.

What miracles have you witnessed? I encourage you to write them down so you remember them and if not, for you then for future generations to see just how many miracles God still works today.


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  1. Thank you for sharing, Adelle. May many eyes be opened to see the many miracles happening every day even in difficult times. 😊 😘

    On Sun., Mar. 13, 2022, 3:02 p.m. Adelle On Fire, wrote:

    > Adelle Norg posted: ” Copyright: I’m sure the photo I chose has a copy > right for the book/movie but I’ll use it for now and say that I haven’t > seen that movie yet but I will look for it and read/watch it. I chose it > because it’s the exact title of my story today. Today a” >


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