My Favourite Gluten Free

I have been eating gluten free for 7 years now. I get asked a lot of questions and I’ve helped many GF newbies to find the good stuff. Everyone who eats gluten free knows what I mean. There are quite a few products which either taste like rice or like sand. Many gf products are notoriously dry. I was thrilled the first time I found some bread products that you can eat without toasting. Typically I am a toaster. I even toast my buns before putting a hamburger on it so me and gf bread go together quite well.

Here’s my gf backstory if you care to know and if you don’t, go right ahead and skip to the photos of all my favourite products.

Ice cream has always given me the runs since I can remember. When I was 23, I thought, “sheesh, I shouldn’t be drinking milk or eating ice cream”. I cut it way back and went to lactose free pills or milk but everything else they didn’t make lactose free so I kept eating it. Things like cheese and cream cheese and yogurt. Love my dairy. But when I was 34, I looked at my health and thought, now this is dumb I have had the runs for the past year. I need to get healthy. So I stopped eating diary altogether. But instead of getting better I stayed sick. I made a doctors appointment and stopped all dairy. I was generally feeling sick to my stomach and gross all the time. The day of my doctors appointment I only ate a whole wheat toast with peanut butter for breakfast and I was on the toilet 20 minutes later and it was gone and it was that moment I realized it was not the dairy……the culprit was the toast.

I talked to the doctor and she said I could take a test for celiac but I would have to eat wheat for the next six weeks or I could just know that wheat makes me sick and not eat it! I just wanted to feel better so I chose the latter. Within a few days of no wheat I started feeling better. My gut stopped the bloating. Since then I’ve spoken with so many people about my story and many people have the same one and want to go gluten free but don’t know where to start. Today’s post I’ll show you some photos of my favourite products and know that these come from Brantford, Ontario, Canada 🇨🇦. If you live outside Canada I haven’t a clue what’s gluten free in your area but most store clerks can help you find products.

O’Dough’s is my favourite!

Starting with my favourite would be O’Doughs. They make the best thin bagels. They aren’t ricey and they just need a slight toasting and so yummy with lactose free cream cheese or old cheddar melted or even just butter or margarine. They also make the best sandwich bun. It’s actually called sandwich. They come in multigrain or white. They are also slim and fit in a toaster. So good for a burger, egg salad, meat, cheese or anything really. Their hot dog buns are my favourite too. They are also slim enough to pop in the toaster for a minute but definitely don’t need to be toasted. They make bread as well but I find it a little dense. I buy O’Doughs products at Sobey’s, Zehrs, Goodnees Me and Walmart.

All But Gluten makes a big line of products. They sell at Walmart and quite a few other grocers. My favourite are the two bite brownies. I have since learned to make my own which taste the exact same but these are quick and easy. The white hamburger buns are also my favourite. No need to toast as these are soft and yummy. They are a bit tricky to fit in the toaster but they are nice with melted cheese in a toaster oven or the oven. All But Gluten’s bread is okay in the toaster but it’s not my go to. They make amazing blueberry muffins which are my favourite. They come frozen or fresh and I just leave them in my fridge and take as needed.

Glutino is probably one of the first companies to really bring a variety of gf foods to Canada. Their bread is my favourite. I tend not to eat a lot of bread but once in a while I like a toast with tuna or peanut butter. Their crackers however I buy all the time. I love their round crackers all varieties. They also make the best lemon wafers and English muffins. Glutino you can find almost anywhere.

Gluten Free pizza was the thing I missed most.
When I first started gluten free, pizza was not readily available. Now, in 2020, almost every company makes it! Pizza Oggi is my favourite when it’s just me eating it. They are smaller so I can usually manage the whole thing. Leftovers aren’t that great so I usually toss whatever I can’t eat. I buy these from Sobey’s. I haven’t seen them anywhere else yet. They also carry two cauliflower crusts in a box that you can make yourself. The other gf pizza I love is the plain cheese gf pizza from Costco. It’s sold in a two pack for $12. That’s the best price! But they are full size pizza. The regular pizza from Costco is in a red box and the gf is in a green box. This pizza is great if you have others who want to eat gf with you. Left overs do reheat perfectly in the oven or toaster oven.

My favourite take out pizza deserves it’s own post! I’ll work on that and link it here later.

PC makes my favourite pancake mix.  I added in some fresh strawberries mixed in.   I buy this from No Frills or Zehrs.
So good!   I didn’t have any bread left to take a photo of it!
Promise is a newer bread I’ve discovered at Sobey’s. It’s sold in the fresh bread aisle on the end and almost all the products I’ve listed are found in the freezer sections or obscure health food sections. This brioche bread is an egg bread that you can eat fresh. Not ricey at all. Just soft, yummy bread! So good with egg salad or meat and cheese.
Kinnikinnick is my favourite brand for English muffins and I like their hotdog buns toasted of course!

Wouldn’t be a post if I didn’t say how much I like udi’s. They were one of the first brands to come out with blueberry and chocolate muffins. Still my fav though I feel like they may have changed the recipe slightly over the years. Delicious but they are large, I do prefer the smaller muffins that All But Gluten offers or I make my own. Udi’s is tried and true. There’s not a product I don’t like from them. They sell almost everywhere.

I hope this is a good start for all you readers who want to purchase gluten free products. I have no sponsors or any endorsements for any of these products nor do I work at a grocery store. My goal is to help and have a place to direct all the questions I get asked about gluten free and where to buy and what’s good. I’d love to hear your comments if there’s a product you love.


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  1. Hey Adelle,
    Your mom sent me your blog to read. I didn’t realize you had been gluten free for 7 years.
    Dane was diagnosed Celiac this past winter and we’ve been testing out lots of the products you mentioned. My brother is gluten intolerant, so my sister has given me lots of recipes and ideas also.
    We found a great pasta: the brand is called Rummo. If you like Pasta, give it a try. We buy it at Nardini’s in Stoney Creek.


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