Summer Clean Challenge


I would rather be at the beach or at least cleaning the pool!

I love a clean house and I do need to clean when I’m upset but cleaning isn’t usually on the top of my summer fun list.   I’m pretty sure it’s not on anyone’s summer fun list.

The problem is….   summer is messy!   The sand, the dirt, the sunscreen finger prints on the windows, the dust from the farmer’s fields settling on everything, the flies, the parties, the freezies, 20 or more grassy, wet feet all add up to a very messy house.

person with crossed legs sitting on rock
Photo by Isaac Taylor on

I made up this summer cleaning challenge in hopes that I will challenge myself to get the house in shape before the kids go back to school.   Here in Ontario, Canada, our kids go back September 3.   That’s one month away!   That’s one month before the craziness of packing lunches, laundry, driving kids around, after school activities, and painting and reorganizing bedrooms as two of our kids are moving out.   Faster than we can blink will be Thanksgiving so I need to get moving.

I created this list with a variety of tasks that will help you and me both organize, and deep clean the whole house so it will be ready for school to begin.   Some of the tasks I only do twice a year but most I do more often.

If you want to work only 6 days and take your 7th day of rest, definitely do that.   You can easily double up on some of the tasks and do two or more in one day.  Some may take longer than one day so save those for a day when you can dedicate or convince your kids to help you.

Follow me on Facebook at AdelleOnFire and I will be encouraging you every day.   I’ll have extra explanations, photos and tips.

Click on the link below and print the checklist.   Post it on your wall and keep track of the tasks you’ve completed.   Challenge your family and see who can write their name beside the most tasks and get the list done even faster.

Summer Clean Checklist

So excited to hear if you are beating me at my own challenge!   I hope that together we will get around to cleaning all those places we don’t get to very often.   By the time school starts, we will be so ready to take a nap in our clean home on that first day of school!


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