Word of the year for 2019

I was starting to think I wasn’t going to be able to find a word of the year for 2019.   Last year I chose Flourish and it was such an amazing word that I was sure I wouldn’t find one that would impact me as much.

Last night it came to me.

My word for 2019 is……..


I love it already.   This morning I woke up and thought, now wouldn’t it be so cool if my devotion this morning is about power?   Opened up my Flourish devotional and sure enough the title is “Word Power”.   What!!!!!!   God is so amazing.   Like that kind of coincidence just doesn’t happen.   God does cool stuff like that to remind us just how much he cares about the little things in our lives.  When you ask for Him to speak, He will.

Last night I came across a blog about 2019 and it was filled with Bible verses for the year and among them the word Power stuck out.    The writer’s main point is that God is going to reveal His power mightily this year.   Now that’s what I want to see!

Power is a complicated word.  Complex.   It has four different meanings for the noun and more for adjectives and verbs.

  1. Social meaning – ability to act, influence or control or produce an effect
  2. Physical – effectiveness, physical force or strength, a source of supplying energy
  3. Mathematics – a product of equal factors
  4. Biblical – an intermediate level of angels

Wikipedia says that there are many adjectives that are used to describe power.

  • Electric, nuclear, optical, mechanical, political, absolute, corporate, institutional, military, economic, solar, magic, magical, huge, physical, mental, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, sexual, seductive, coercive, erotic, natural, cultural, positive, negative, etc.

Power is a pretty amazing word!  I’m so glad it was placed on my heart.

Power can be used for good or evil.   As we see on the news every day many people are misusing their power and ruining lives.  I am hoping to use my word to remind me to use any power I have for good.

What power do I have?

Power of words.   As I blog away, work on a YouTube channel we have named FosterParentTalks, and write, I am conscious of how my words can influence and affect others.  I hope and pray that I can use my words to encourage and inspire others this year.

Power of relationships.  I am a daughter, mother, wife, friend, sister and granddaughter.   I plan to work on my relationships and strengthen them throughout the year.

Power of the President.   I am taking on the role of President of the Foster Parent Association in 2019 and that holds great responsibility.   Not sure if there’s any actual power that the FPA has but I will take the role and do my best with it.

Power of my body.   Not feeling that currently as I lay here in bed with the flu but I will work on building my body strength this year.

Power of faith.  Seek God and He will come to you.   If you listen, He speaks.   Today I prayed for a friend and sent her the prayer and she sent a text back saying it was the exact time she was going into an important meeting and needed that prayer right then.   That’s not me, that’s God!  My part is having faith and trusting Him to lead me.  I also have to have the faith to obey those little nudges He gives me to do the tasks He wants me to do.  Reading my Bible and devotions daily and praying constantly when someone comes to mind.

It’s not even January 1 yet and power has already been standing out in my life.   I am so excited to see where God uses this word to affect me in 2019.

Have you chosen a word for 2019 yet?   I know many of you have after my last word of the year post.   If you haven’t I hope you do.   It’s such a fun way for God to speak to you.  You’ll be amazed at the ways He can use your word to make you pay attention to things.  Comment below when you pick one!




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