All Moms are Titans

Have you seen the commercials for the new show Titan Games featuring Dwayne Johnson?   Looks crazy.

When I saw the commercial I thought,  “I am the absolute farthest person from a Titan.”   Due to my constant caring for children I don’t have time left for strength training!

Then I got sick.

It hit me like a ton of bricks.   All day I was fine, then my throat started to hurt, then a headache began to rage, my whole body started to sweat and feel very weak.   Within two hours I was in so much pain even my hair and teeth hurt.   All I wanted to do was go to bed.   I did put the baby in his crib with some toys and let the other kids run wild while I took a few minutes to rest but I did not have the freedom to just get in my pj’s and sleep.

Thankfully it was close enough to bedtime but it took all my strength to gather the pj’s and get the little ones into bed.   Two of our children have Cystic Fibrosis and one of them has a night feed which means I have to fill her bag with high calorie liquid and hook it up to the gtube in her stomach.   Can’t just throw them in bed and say goodnight.   I pushed through the nausea and pain and did everything that needed to be done.

Can I sleep now?   Nope!  Still have to get the baby to bed.   Now think of the last time you go the stomach flu and just felt like dying.   That’s me.   That’s all moms.   Unless your husband or older kids are at home to help MOMS CANT QUIT!   Babies can’t put themselves to bed.   So I pushed on.   It took the inner strength of a Titan to keep going.   I was sooooo exhausted I wanted to cry.   I changed the baby, got his bottle made, fed him, rocked him and laid him to sleep in his crib.   It took all my strength to make it to my bed and finally get to rest.   Are you happy for me?   You can imagine how painful those few hours were and are thankful this saga is over and I finally got to rest.  About an hour later I was almost asleep until…..

my four year old starts screaming upstairs.

Here comes the part where my physical strength was gone so this Titan momma had to pull all the inner strength I had left and drag myself upstairs to see what the matter was.   Oh dear, vomit.

Yup, pull even more inner strength and get sheets cleaned off, new sheets on, thankfully my oldest daughter had made it home from her class and helped bathe my poor sick boy.   I honestly am not sure if I could have done that if she didn’t get home when she did.   I guess I would have had to but probably cried through it all.

I woke up the next morning feeling better.   Then I moved and pinched a nerve in my back.   Unreal.   The rest of the day I continued to pull inner strength just to move and be able to withstand the pain of lifting the baby.   Sometimes it feels like one thing after another!

The point of this little story is that Moms may not be strong enough to be a contestant on Dwayne Johnson’s show but if there were a show that could test inner strength, moms would win!   We are often the main caregiver.   We don’t get the luxury of just quitting or saying goodnight when we are tired.   We keep going.   We draw on our inner strength to meet the needs of others.   We put others before ourselves.   Some days I feel like this must be what Jesus felt like.   Drained.   Weak.   Energy tanks at 0.   After healing people all day long there were still crowds wanting him and needing him.   His feet must have burned, his back ached, his body longed for bed.  But before bed, Jesus took time to pray.   He took time to rest at the end of the day and recharge.   The first thing I did when I finally got up was to pray and read my Bible.   Guess what verse I read?   Psalm 38.   A Psalm that is full of pain and suffering.  Verse 7 “My back is filled with searing pain there is no health in my body.”   Of course God knows.   He can heal but he also teaches through these times of pain and misery.

To all the single mommas out there.  You are the ultimate titans.  I hope that you can build a circle of friends and family to help out in times of pain and suffering.    Build that community before you are at a weak point.

If you are struggling to push through today, spend some time in prayer and reading your Bible and God will give you the strength you need to keep on keeping on.  With His help we are the winners of the real Titan games!



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